Sliding Head Machining Expertise

Published - 27th Jul 2022

Metaltech leads the way in CNC Sliding Head Machining capability

Metaltech Precision has a dedicated CNC sliding head machining facility at its factory in Somerset. The company specialises in producing high-precision machined components in an extensive selection of materials for a range of industry sectors, including medical, electronics, oil & gas, and rail.

In this blog we take a closer look at how customers can benefit from Metaltech Precision’s extensive sliding head machining capabilities.

What is sliding head machining?

Sliding head machinery allows a workpiece to move under Computer Numerical Control (CNC) whilst the tool remains stable. A bar is fed through the machine’s headstock and complex machining tasks including turning, milling, drilling and screw-cutting can all be achieved at speed to produce components with exceptionally close geometric tolerances.

What are the benefits of sliding head machining?

  • Highly accurate and consistent even for complex parts
  • Sliding head technology allows the cutting tools to be positioned close to the workpiece, minimising idle time and maximising production efficiency
  • Use of a secondary spindle and CNC control means that operations can be performed at the same time, further reducing cycle time
  • This flexibility means that components can be manufactured in a single operation, eliminating the need for manual intervention
  • Quick set-up time means that even relatively short runs are cost-effective
  • Potential to operate unattended once programmed, reducing process time and cost

Metaltech Precision expertise

Metaltech Precision has a track record of delivering cost-effective, high-quality components to time critical sectors with high ‘on time delivery’ ratings.

The company has expertise in a wide range of product sizes, including miniature and micro machining. Our sliding head machining capabilities allow us to manufacture products ranging from valve actuator parts for the oil and gas industry, through electronics components for many sectors, to inserts and fittings for the medical industry.

Does sliding head technology work for my component?

Metaltech Precision is able to offer single operation machining solutions which reduce cost, enhance quality and improve turnaround times for a wide range of parts. Our sliding head machining facilities are ideal for components:

  • from sub 1mm right up to 32mm diameter, with a max length of up to 200mm
  • miniature components from 0.5mm diameter
  • usually medium to high batch quantity
  • high complexity and close geometric tolerances
  • manufactured from a wide range of materials

We are always happy to discuss how Metaltech Precision can help manufacture your components. Find out whether our sliding head machining will reduce cost and cycle times for you by contacting us on +44 (0) 1460 221737 or email

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