Manufacturing for a Greener Future

Published - 13th Dec 2022

How Metaltech is working to reduce its environmental impact. 

Expromet Technologies Group takes seriously its responsibility to reduce its impact on the environment. The global manufacturing industry is a major contributor to pollution, but Metaltech and its sister Expromet companies are working to limit their environmental footprints and boost sustainability across their businesses.

Metaltech leads the way on Biomass Heating

Biomass is a renewable energy source, generated from burning wood, plants and other organic matter such as manure or household waste. It releases carbon dioxide when burned, but considerably less than fossil fuels. Metaltech has invested heavily in the installation of biomass heating at its Somerset facility, making a significant reduction in its dependence on traditional fossil fuels.  

“We are actively environmentally aware and are working hard to make our business more sustainable,” says Simon Hopkins, Commercial Manager at Metaltech. “Reducing our carbon footprint by investing in a biomass plant contributes to the sustainability of global energy supplies. It is also good for our customers, since it reduces the ecological impact of their purchases.”

Investment in Green Energy

Metaltech is also helping support the UK’s Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions target by investing in renewable energy. An initial £600k investment in a 600KW Solar PV installation has brought significant savings in electricity costs, and, more importantly, an average annual reduction of 140 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 

Improvements to facilities bring natural comfort

The quest for sustainability and greener manufacturing has led to improvements that also benefit those working at Metaltech’s facility. The business has invested almost £100k in upgrading the main factory roof to improve access to natural light and provide better heat insulation. This has led to a brighter working environment which now requires less electrical light as well as lower heating costs – a welcome improvement for both staff and the environment.

Reducing waste

Metaltech has also looked carefully at cutting waste business-wide. Process scrap and waste are kept to a minimum, and materials recycled wherever possible.  The company also actively encourages customers to take advantage of its design for manufacture expertise to ensure that products are manufactured efficiently to limit the use of raw materials and resources.

Within the factory, Metaltech has focussed on sustainable practices that reduce energy waste. One example is the installation of Motion Sensitive LED lighting system, which has cut unnecessary lighting as well as reducing maintenance costs – the company has seen an annual reduction in lighting costs of around £14k, demonstrating significant waste reduction.

Metaltech leads on environmental ethics and sustainability

Metaltech is finding that both its employees and customers are engaged with the need for businesses to have strong eco-friendly principles. 

“We know that everyone must play their part to protect the world from climate change,” affirms Simon. “By auditing the way we work – from saving time and energy, to making better use of resources – Metaltech is making a difference. We are proud to share our green credentials, and continue to explore ways to work more sustainably.” 

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