Five reasons why you should choose Metaltech for fabrication

Published - 31st Aug 2022

From expertise to efficiency, Metaltech comes out top 

Choosing a fabricator for your components or assemblies is not just a financial decision – you need expert manufacturing solutions based on quality and integrity.  

In this blog we explain why Metaltech Precision is your best choice. 

Practical expertise 

Unlike numerically controlled manufacturing processes, fabrication is a hands-on specialism which requires proper training and correct technique – especially when it comes to skilled TIG welding. 

Metaltech Precision has a dedicated fabrication facility at its 50,000 sq ft premises in Chard, Somerset, where Fabrication Manager Paul Strickland leads a highly qualified and experienced team. All our welders are skilled professionals with many years’ practical experience, and fully coded in MIG and TIG to the latest ISO/ASME standards. 

Wide range of sizes and sectors 

Metaltech Precision provides fabrication for demanding markets such as the Oil and Gas, Lifting Gear and Renewable Energy industries. We are able to fabricate large one-off projects, such as submarine transport frames, as well as produce fixturing to ensure consistent and efficient manufacture across repeat batch work components such as intricate TIG-welded shaft sleeves.

We fabricate parts in a wide range of sizes, including plate sizes from 6mm to 100mm thick and with a total envelope size of up to 3m x 3m x 10m. Overhead cranage extends our maximum weight capability to 25 tonnes and supported by our background machining capabilities, Metaltech Precision offers skilled fabrication services suitable for many sectors. 

End-to-end service 

From the moment you bring us your design we ensure that you are kept informed, that every step is clearly costed and you have a realistic timeline. 

We thoroughly review every drawing to check the cost and timings of all processes, including any plate folding, specialist cuts and profiling that might require outsourcing. With over 40 years’ experience in fabrication, Paul can quickly assess the correct routings for even the most complex fabrications, so you know he and his team will get your components and assemblies properly finished and delivered in the best possible time.

All our welding is coded to standard and, in the case of more detailed specifications, we carry out additional post-inspection processes to ensure compliance.

One stop shop 

We provide a fully-integrated manufacturing solution for your components and assemblies. Unlike other suppliers, Metaltech’s fabrication unit includes shot-blasting facilities as well as a painting booth and ovens, so processing can be done in-house. 

  • 6m x 5m capacity pre-mix wet paint system complying to British Standard, with pre-heat and curing ovens, supported by a 12-tonne overhead crane.
  • Fully-integrated shot blasting service for surface treatment, with 6.5m x 2.5m envelope. 
  • A small capacity bead blast service is also available.

Pre-machining, fabrication and welding, post-machining and assembly are all efficiently carried out on our site, and your parts are delivered fully assembled and ready for use.

Responsible employer 

Metaltech Precision is proud of its workforce and works to protect them in their working environment. We ensure good air extraction and quality control systems, and provide appropriate manipulating equipment to prevent welders from having to lift or turn difficult parts. We have an ongoing commitment to training and developing of our staff, and an ‘Investment in People’ culture which helps ensure our team is well-trained and well-supported. 

Whilst manufacturing is a high-energy business, we have also made significant investments in green energy with our solar PV installation and biomass heating, and keep scrappage to a minimum by re-using or recycling offcuts from our welding bay.  

Choose Metaltech Precision for your fabrication requirements 

Metaltech offers high quality, reliable and cost-effective fabrication to complement our UK precision engineering facilities. As the business grows, we have additional capacity in our fabrication facility and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate why Metaltech Precision is your best choice. 

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